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Why You Need a Savings Account (or Five)

Let’s talk about having a savings account.

Money is a topic that makes people have emotions across the entire spectrum.  For me, I love talking about money, saving money, and tracking spending.

…But I also love to spend money on traveling.

I blame my dad for both of those.

Growing up, talking about money was completely normal in my house. My dad helped me open my first credit union account when I was 7, and I would proudly deposit money every Friday (my smallest deposit was 11 cents.  It was a big day).

I distinctly remember a conversation we had when I was five years old – my dad said that he wanted to take us on a family vacation to Europe and wanted to start saving… For the next three years.

We all worked to prepare for the trip (I contributed $15 for my well-thought-out souvenirs, obvs), and I saw how hard my dad saved for the trip.

It was the trip that changed my life.

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Language Immersion Programs: What to Know

Full disclosure – I am a dual language major. *collective gasp* (To be fair, the languages were French and English #liberalartsforlife.) I strongly believe in the importance of learning another language. However, it is difficult to become proficient in another language without being immersed in the language and its cultural context. Coincidentally, the U.S. government … Continue reading Language Immersion Programs: What to Know

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