Study Abroad Guide: Departure Phase

Are you ready for your study abroad departure? Better double check to make sure... | Study Abroad and BeyondYou’re on your way to study abroad!  Your departure is in a few days, you have packed and repacked your carry-on, and you are ready to go!

… or are you?

There are so many things that you had to get together.  You went to a million appointments. You collected a gajillion papers.  And let’s not talk about the hundreds of Pins you collected in order to prepare for some killer weekend trips.

…But yeah, maybe you should just revisit things one last time.

Here is a compilation of all of the things you should read in order to prepare for your upcoming departure:

1. 4 Mistakes to Avoid While TravelingThere are certain mistakes that all students and expats are almost guaranteed to make while living abroad.

Make sure to familiarize yourself with this before departure so you can blend in… at least a little better.

2. Study Abroad Guide: Prepare for Anything: No, but really.  Prepare for ANYTHING.

I never thought I would lose my wallet, miss a plane, or misunderstand my visa. And yet… yeah.  Maybe just read this article so you can learn from my mistakes be adequately prepared.

3. The “What the Hell Have I Done” Moment: Everyone has the moment of utter panic before departure.  This is normal.

Read this when you feel like every decision you have ever made is wrong.  Future You will love that Current You was such a badass who wanted to learn about the world.

4. 15 Truths of Studying Abroad: Take this as a checklist of things you will absolutely experience while abroad.

Share with your study abroad friends.

Then, throw some hashtags on your pictures and call it a day!

5. 10 Ways to Save Money While Living Abroad: Before you blow your budget, review how you can save yourself some moola.

Yes, before you learn what the local dessert is.

… No, really.  Do it now.  *waits patiently*

6. 11 Things You Need to Research Before Traveling: In order to fully prepare for departure, there are certain things that everyone needs to know before they go.

From important phone numbers to critical addresses, this is a guide that will have you ready for anything.

7. An Open Letter to Students Departing for Study Abroad: I got a little sappy.  What can I say – study abroad is incredible.

You’re about to embark on this incredible journey.

I support you, I am so jealous of you, and oh, the places you’ll go!

8. Checklist: Things to Do During Your First Week Abroad: The first week will go by oh so quickly.

Now that you’re settling in to your new destination, here are all the things that you need to do during your first week in order to set the stage for a successful – and healthy – experience.

9. 13 Things on My Carry-On for Long Trips: Prior to departure, I always make sure to pull up this list to double check what I have packed in my carry-on.

Nothing is worse than when I reach for my eye mask and realize that I forgot it.  How can you possibly sleep on a flight without it?!

10. Why You Should Use the STEP ProgramThis is probably the most important thing that someone can do right before departure. I still don’t leave the country without registering for the STEP Program (even though I sometimes remember while I’m in the airport).


What are your biggest concerns before your study abroad departure?  Share below!

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