Study Abroad Guide: Prepare for Anything

Be prepared for anything: a guide to making good choices (and recovering quickly in high-stress situations while traveling!)So you’re on your way or already away! Welcome to your prepare for anything guide.

There will be incredible times when you’re abroad.

Wonderful memories. Unbelievable sites. Life-long friendships.

And then something will go wrong or missing.

Just by reading this guide, you admit that things will probably go wrong at some point during your time abroad.

It is not the end of the world when things go wrong. Just know that it’s always a possibility!

I have previously mentioned just how many times I have had things go wrong whilst traveling (at least a gajillion). However, that doesn’t stop me from traveling frequently.

Awareness will make you resilient.

Knowledge is definitely power.

(Or knowledge will help you manage your panic attack when you see that you missed your flight… Again.)

So even if you don’t read everything now, keep this knowledge in your back pocket to calmly use when something goes wrong.

Just be sure to prepare for anything.

I’ve written quite a few posts up until now about emergency preparation and reaction, and it’s time to compile them in one place.

So, without any further ado, here are 10 posts to act as your prepare for anything study abroad guide:

Visas 1011. Getting a Visa: Facts to Know: This visa guide should be the first thing any student reads after planning to study abroad.

Most students need a visa to study abroad.

Many students don’t check until the last minute.  Read this early!

Withdrew Study Abroad2. Why I Withdrew from Semester-Long Study Abroad: Even after getting excited about studying abroad, many students pull the plug at the last minute. It’s regrettable – believe me.

This is the tale of why I withdrew – I had made the experience to be so much bigger in my head than it really would have been!

STEP Program3. Why You Should Use the STEP Program: This is probably the most important thing that someone can do to prepare for international travel of any length of time. I still don’t leave the country without registering for the STEP Program.


11 things before traveling4. 11 Things You Need to Research Before Traveling: In order to fully prepare for international travel, there are certain things that everyone needs to know before they go.

From important phone numbers to critical addresses, this is a guide that will have you ready for anything.

First Week Abroad5. Checklist: Things to Do During Your First Week Abroad: The first week will go by so quickly.

Now that you’re settling in to your new destination, here are all the things that you need to do during your first week in order to set the stage for a successful – and healthy – experience.

How to drink abroad6. Drinking While Abroad: Staying Safe: What could possibly go wrong with students under the age of 21 arriving in a country with a lower drinking age?

Plenty. Read this to make sure those nights at the pub or bar stay fun the whole time.

Important Links 7. Websites You Should Know for Study Abroad: Part of preparing for anything needs to include actually researching some visa information and travel information.

Visit these sites.
Read them.  Love them.

Missing Passport8. What to Do If You Lose Your Passport: This one is never fun. However, if you ever lose your passport, you will want to have a plan handy to get a new one.

This guide outlines everything (from the freak out to the new passport) and will help you get through!

Emergency Abroad9. What to Do During an Emergency Abroad: In any emergency, there are specific steps that you should take in order to ensure your safety (and sanity).

This five-step process will help you get through (and yes, contacting your family is part of the process…).

Emergency Cash Stash10. Why Travel with an Emergency Cash Stash: Learn from my mistake and bring sufficient cash for your time abroad. It is too painful to have to learn on your own. Thankfully, the kindness of perfect strangers got me through!

I hope my tale of woe will at least entertain you enough into remembering to pack extra cash when you are preparing to leave!

And that’s it for now – there will certainly be more “how-to guides” in the future for staying safe while abroad!

What other ways do you “prepare for anything” while abroad?  Share in the comments below!

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