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Best fortune ever! | Study Abroad and BeyondAre you trying to find a way to study abroad in college or high school and aren’t sure where to start?

Are you hoping to move outside of the country and want to make sure your ducks are quacking in a row before you leave?

Maybe you are already abroad or will be returning home soon and want some tips on staying sane and adjusting?

If any of these apply to you (or someone you know), you have found the right place!

I know how it is to be completely overwhelmed by the types of programs available for studying and living abroad, the feelings associated with moving abroad (so much anxiety!), as well as the fear of forgetting certain things during your move.

I want to share my knowledge as a study abroad advisor, as well as my experiences (my mistakes and successes) studying and living abroad, to help you prepare for your own journey!  If you are wondering about my background, head on over to About.

The best place to start are with the two most popular posts on this blog: When to Start Planning for Study Abroad and How to Write a Kick-Ass Application Essay.

Then, check out these posts to get you started on your journey:

If you are returning from study abroad soon or are applying to jobs, check out some tips I have compiled based on the best interview I have ever experienced.

Are you hoping to find alternative ways of funding your time abroad?  Visit my Resources page to see some travel tips and a pretty substantial list of scholarships, fellowships, exchange programs for high school students, as well as programs and jobs to help you go abroad after graduation.

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